Farmer & Associates

Confidential Investigations & Consulting Service


There are times when you need confidential

information-and it must be fast, reliable, and professionally delivered.

At farmer and associates, we guarentee our best effort to get you that information.

We are an independent local investigative agency with national and international contacts.

When your request is recieved, it will be immediately sent to our expert staff; who utilize our

many databases which include a large cd-rom library and many online resources to process your request.

We maintain field offices in Northern and Southern California.

For a more condensed, and portable, version of the information found on this website,

please download our brochure.


Farmer & Associates, 2017
16845 N. 29th Ave Suite 1205 Phoenix,AZ 85053
(602) 843-0231 • Fax (602) 843-3523
Toll Free (877) 656-0231

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